Work Flow For New Art Development

This is a suggested process that has worked well for our clients.  But any process can me modified to better fit the your needs and that of the project.

1 – Discussion and conceptualization.  This step allows me to better understand what you are seeking, your target audience and use, and how I can best meet your objectives. Deadlines and costs are finalized.  This step is usually accomplished with a couple of emails or a telephone call.

2 – Delivery of reference materials. I will always do research on my end to ensure accuracy, but receiving reference materials (often referred to as “scrap”) lets me know what it is you want to show in the final images. This can be other images you have found or hand-drawn stretches with text descriptions.  This is the optimal way of working but another option is to have me research the material and then have you approve what I find.

3 – Rough draft and review. I create and deliver a .pdf or .jpeg file that shows what the image will look like, but without the final colors, shading etc. This is actually the most important step for the client to review, because at this point things are still easy to modify.  This is usually done through email. 

4 – Final draft and review. Once I receive the client’s comments regarding the rough draft, I complete the illustration.  You will again receive a .pdf or .jpeg for review.  The illustration may be approved at this point or there may still be some changes to be made. If the latter, this step will be repeated.

5 – Delivery of final files for use. I send you the final file that you will use in your product. The file format is dependent on your intended use(s).  Any file format can be delivered upon request. Depending on the size of the file, it may be delivered by email, through an FTP service, or by Dropbox.

What about copyright?  Copyright is discussed during step one and varies from project to project. If you are seeking copyright/ownership there is usually a minimal fee added to the price.